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常见问题:第32问题. 如何在文章中加入心情或者音乐?如何修改心情套装?

Add your current location, mood, and music to your journal entry using the Post an Entry page. Change your journal's mood theme by going to the Customize Journal Style page.

Using the Web Interface

The Post an Entry page shows fields for Location:, 心情:, and 音乐: near the bottom of the page.

Add your current location by clicking the "Detect" button, or by typing it into the text box provided next to Location:. Your current location will not appear on your main journal pages if you are using the old style system.

Add your current mood by:
  • selecting an option from the dropdown list next to 心情:

  • leaving the selection blank and typing your mood into the text box provided.

Add your current music by typing it into the text box provided next to 音乐:.

Using a Downloadable Client

Many downloadable clients can add location, mood, and music to your entries. Some clients can automatically detect the music playing in your preferred music player, so you don't have to type it yourself. Consult your preferred client's documentation and menu options for details.

If you type in a mood yourself that corresponds exactly to a mood from the dropdown list, your client may display it with the correct mood icon.

Mood Themes

Include icons with your moods by selecting a mood theme; all users can create custom mood themes.
  1. Go to the Customize Journal Style page and scroll to the Mood Themes section.

  2. Preview the available themes by clicking the preview all mood themes link or visiting the LiveJournal Moods page directly.

  3. Select the mood theme you want to use, then save your changes.

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